Candelora Reacts to AG’s Opinion on New Haven Municipal ID Cards

HARTFORD – State Representative Vincent Candelora (R-North Branford) today reacted to the opinion issued by Attorney General Richard Blumenthal that New Haven residents can not use the new Elm City Resident identification cards for the purposes of voter registration. The creation of the cards ignited controversy earlier this year as illegal immigrants are allowed to obtain Elm City cards.

“I am pleased that the Attorney General has upheld the statement by Secretary of State Bysiewicz that these cards can not be used for voter registration purposes,” said Candelora.  “We all know that they shouldn’t be.  The problem with these cards is that, as the Attorney General acknowledges in his opinion, Connecticut does not require proof of citizenship at any point during the voter registration process, and these cards would satisfy the identification requirement of someone who shows up to vote at the polls.

“I am not suggesting that we should further complicate the process of registering to vote by requiring proof of citizenship, but I do believe the state should mandate that cards issued by a municipality such as those in New Haven state clearly on the front that they are not to be used for voter registration purposes,” he added.

 Candelora introduced a measure on the floor of the State House of Representatives prohibiting the issuance of such municipal cards during the last session.  The measure was introduced as an amendment to House Bill 7434.  Under the provisions of the measure, no municipality would be allowed to adopt an ordinance issuing identification cards to an undocumented illegal immigrant for any purpose.  

His efforts were blocked by the legislative Democrat majority.

Candelora indicated that he intends to introduce legislation this coming session that would require the cards be labeled to say they can not be used for voter registration.

“Since the Attorney General and the Secretary of State both agree that these cards can not and should not be used in the voter registration process, I hope I’ll have their support for this legislation,” said Candelora.

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