Seniors age 62 and older eligible for free college tuition

For those seniors wanting to expand their horizons and continue to learn in their later years, there is some excellent news. The state of Connecticut offers free tuition, under certain conditions at the University of Connecticut, Eastern, Western, or Southern Connecticut State University, and at the state’s Community-Technical colleges.

To be eligible for free tuition, the applicant must be at least 62 years of age. Credits obtained through the free courses can be put towards a degree, but do not necessarily have to be applied to a particular degree.

At most institutions, free tuition is available when space exists in a class with the requisite number of tuition-paying students. At many universities, the student fees are also waived. However, costs incurred for books and supplies are not covered by the state.

The tuition waiver was originally enacted by the General Assembly in 1974. It is estimated that there are currently approximately 3,000 seniors taking advantage of the tuition waivers at Connecticut colleges and universities.

This is a great opportunity for any senior who wants to spend some leisure time, or personally fulfill themselves. For more detailed information regarding senior tuition waivers, please contact the school of your choice, or email the state Department of Higher Education at

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