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Perillo Receives Committee Assignments

HARTFORD–State Representative Jason Perillo has been vaulted into a leadership role as the House Ranking Member of the legislature’s Public Safety and Security Committee, where he will advocate for measures that make families in Shelton and elsewhere in the state more secure in their homes and communities.
Perillo, R-113th District, also was appointed to the budget-writing Appropriations Committee and the Environment Committee.

“As a member of the Appropriations Committee, I will be working for the best interests of the people of Shelton and to ensure their voices are heard as we prepare the state budget for the next two years. I will strive to eliminate the state budget deficit without raising taxes and to create jobs by supporting measures that encourage and sustain small businesses, which provide most Connecticut jobs,” Perillo said. “I strongly believe state government should take action that stimulates businesses growth rather than suffocates it and drives employers out of state.”

In his new leadership role with the Public Safety Committee, Representative Perillo has begun working across party lines with key Democrats to focus on important statewide safety issues. “I have been working side-by-side with the Democratic leadership of the Public Safety Committee on legislation that will have a positive impact on people’s lives, such as the regulation of blasting and the deployment of State Troopers.”

Perillo reiterated that his highest priority is the success of Shelton as a key component of the state and national economy.

“Shelton continues to be a linchpin of the financial success of the region and the entire state,” he said. He said he will continue to expand his efforts to make Shelton a prime beneficiary of state programs on economic development and site cleanup.

“Our work to redevelop downtown benefits the entire City of Shelton by creating jobs, building our tax base, and by making it easier to preserve our farms and open spaces,” Perillo said.

Reps Noujaim, D’Amelio Receive Leadership, Committee Assignments: Restoring Economy, Preserving, Creating Jobs are Top Priorities for 2009-2010

State Representatives Selim Noujaim and Anthony J. D’Amelio have been re-appointed as Assistant House Republican Leaders for the 2009-2010 legislative sessions by House Republican Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr.

Representative Noujaim also was appointed to the General Assembly’s Commerce, Higher Education and Employment Advancement, and Labor and Public Employees committees. He also was appointed as House Ranking Member (Republican Leader) on the Labor and Public Employees Committee.

Representative D’Amelio was appointed to the legislature’s General Law, Insurance and Real Estate, and Public Safety and Security committees. He also will serve as the House Ranking Member on the Insurance and Real Estate Committee.

“Selim Noujaim and Tony D’Amelio have been effective leaders who have played key roles in gaining support for legislation that benefits Connecticut taxpayers and encourages economic growth and job creation. Their commitment to lowering the tax burden on citizens and the business community has served our state well in the past and is especially important as we work to pull our state out of the current recession and restore economic growth and full employment,” said Representative Cafero, R-Norwalk. “They are recognized leaders within our caucus and in their districts. I was pleased to reappoint Selim and Tony as Assistant Republican Leaders and look forward to working closely with them over the next two years.

“In addition to assisting Larry Cafero, I am honored to serve as the House Ranking Member on the Labor and Public Employees Committee,” said Representative Noujaim, R-Waterbury. “In these difficult economic times, legislators must be prepared to make the tough decisions that will be necessary to stimulate our economy and provide more employment opportunities. That means reducing state spending and operating state government more efficiently. My experience as a businessman and a manufacturing professional in both good and bad times has made it clear to me that reducing taxes and lowering state spending are essential to a healthy economy and job growth and employment security.”

“I’d like to thank Larry Cafero for reappointing me as one of his assistant leaders,” said Representative D’Amelio, R-71st District. “As one of our caucus’ leaders, I can more effectively pursue legislation that will ensure a better economic future for the people of Middlebury and Waterbury and elsewhere in our state. As a businessman and an employer, I know from first-hand experience that Connecticut’s economy is in serious trouble. As a legislator and a leader of our caucus, I will be pressing for decisive action to restore our state’s economy and get our people back to work as soon as the General Assembly convenes in January. There is no more important priority for me and for the folks I represent.”

As assistant leaders, representatives Noujaim and D’Amelio help organize members of the House Republican Caucus; help ensure good communication between the House Republican leadership and rank and file members; help keep the leadership abreast of the concerns and legislative goals of individual caucus members; and help familiarize new members with House rules and procedures.

Outlook 2009 in Hartford

On Nov. 4, the voters of Ridgefield permitted me the opportunity to serve again as our community’s voice in the State House of Representatives. During this past election season, I was honored and privileged to speak with so many Ridgefielders and hear their thoughts and suggestions on issues before our state government.

I am extremely grateful for the trust and confidence voters have placed in me these past ten years and the chance to continue bringing your concerns and issues to Hartford. Serving in the Legislature and helping citizens navigate the bureaucracy of state government has been the most rewarding experience I have ever known. Read More→

Rep. Giegler Named to Key Legislative Committees

With the General Assembly’s 2009 Legislative Session fast approaching, State House Republican Leader Lawrence Cafero, (R-Norwalk), has appointed State Representative Janice Giegler, (R-Danbury, New Fairfield) to serve on four Legislative Committees; Joint Committee on Transportation, Public Health, Internship and Executive and Legislative Nominations. She will serve as the Ranking member on the Public Health Committee and will Chair the Internship Committee. Ranking members serve as the Republican caucus’ leader on issues before their respective committees.
Read More→

Why I voted ‘no’ to more state bonding

There is an adage about the thousands of proposed laws that surface every year in the state legislature: They are all important to someone.

The same can be said for all the capital projects that end up on our state bond commission agenda. Whether it is purchasing property for a new courthouse, saving farm land from development, creating parks, or putting an addition on a local library, one need not go far to find a strong support base for what are arguably laudable projects. Read More→


HARTFORD—State House Republican Leader Lawrence Cafero, R-Norwalk has appointed State Representative John H. Frey, R-Ridgefield, to several of the General Assembly’s legislative committees for the 2009-2010 session. Rep. Frey was elected to his sixth term on November 4 and subsequently re-appointed as House Minority Whip.  Read More→

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