Penny Bacchiochi Named to Key Republican Leadership Post

State Legislator to Help Shape Caucus Direction

HARTFORD—Connecticut House Republicans have named Rep. Penny Bacchiochi caucus chairperson. Bacchiochi got the nod last week, when House Leader Larry
Cafero unveiled his leadership team for the next two years. Bacchiochi, who represents Stafford, Somers and Union, was re-elected in November to a fourth term. “I’m very happy to have the honor of serving not only my district, but the entire state.” And it’s the state’s economy, she said, which must be the focus of the coming legislative session.

“We’ve got a big budget deficit to deal with in January and financial analysts, like the governor, forecast massive deficits over the next few years,” Bacchiochi said. “We’re facing an uphill battle.” Independent fiscal experts say Connecticut could see deficits totaling roughly $6 billion over the next two budget cycles. Gov. M. Jodi Rell has sounded the alarm repeatedly. House Republicans, such as Bacchiochi, say the legislature must consider reducing spending rather than increasing taxes to cover the predicted budget shortfalls. “People in this state are already struggling,” Bacchiochi said. “They can’t afford higher taxes.”

Cafero appointed Bacchiochi to the legislature’s Insurance committee and he named her ranking member of the General Law committee. She will continue her role on the Public Safety and Security committee. She previously served as ranking member of both the Planning and Development and Internship committees. Bacchiochi believes the new leadership role within her caucus will give her greater influence in the debate over the direction Connecticut will take over the next few years. “What we do over the next few months will be crucial to the well-being of everyone in Connecticut, and I’m very excited about having a seat at the table during these challenging
times,” she said.

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