Rep. Hovey Named to Legislative Internship Committee




State Rep. DebraLee Hovey encourages college students who want to learn first-hand about state government and the legislative process to consider becoming legislative interns and to earn college credits in the process. 

Rep. Hovey has been appointed to the Connecticut legislature’s Internship Committee for the coming year and will be helping to recruit and screen applicants for the program.  



“Interns become better informed citizens for the rest of their lives, and some even go on to work in government,” said Rep. Hovey. “Several legislators themselves started out as college interns, and then worked their way up from local to state office.” “The internship program provides educational opportunities not available in the classroom, by involving students in the formal and informal aspects of the legislative process.”

“It is a great experience for college students, and I encourage all to check out our website for details,” Rep. Hovey added. 

Information and an application for the Connecticut legislative internship program are available at

College internships are unpaid, but interns usually are reimbursed for mileage expenses to the Capitol. College credits are arranged through each individual college or university. 

The internship program is open to undergraduate students who are attending two or four year institutions of higher education in Connecticut and state residents attending out-of-state colleges. Although students from all disciplines are considered, preference is given to upper-class students and students whose experience and academic background offer some preparation for the work they will undertake. In addition, consideration is given to contributions which the applicant has made to his or her college and community.

Both full-time and part-time internships are available. Full-time interns are expected to work five days a week, regular working hours. Part-time interns are expected to work two full days a week, preferably Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Interns are assigned to legislative leaders, committee chairs, ranking members and individual legislators. A workable and mutually beneficial relationship between legislator and intern is a major goal of the internship program. Every effort is made to match satisfactorily both legislator and intern.

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