Majority Downs No Tax Increase Budget

HARTFORD — A balanced, no-tax-increase budget that wouldn’t require towns to pay a higher percentage of their resident state trooper bills was rejected by the legislature’s majority party today through an inane parliamentary procedure, Rep. Penny Bacchiochi said. The House Republican budget would restore some deep proposed cuts, and preserve all local aid—without increasing taxes on already cash-strapped residents.“I know that mayors and selectmen in the towns I represent need the General Assembly to pass a budget so they’ll know how much state aid they’ll receive,” Bacchiochi said.

Municipal leaders made that case over and over at the Capitol over the last few months during a variety of forums designed to give towns and cities a say in the budget process.

“Considering what’s happening with our economy and the number of bills the majority party called that aren’t related to the budget, today’s maneuvering is disappointing,” she said.

No parks would be closed under the proposed House Republican budget. No additional court houses would be shut and grants for tourism and culture would be kept at a reduced rate.

The budget features also include:
• no tax increases and an additional $38 million in retirement incentives for state workers;
• securitizing $350 million of lottery earnings, and no Keno gambling;
• taking $100 million in reserve funds from higher education;
• self-insuring state healthcare;
• $151 million in Medicaid savings from the deficit reduction plans;
• Shifting $28 million in special education costs to the federal stimulus program;
• community health care funding


  1. linda roland says:

    I think all the budgets that are proposed do not have enough elimination of staff and benefits. I see in the “real” corporate world companies have laid of 1/2 their staff-corporations are paying 1/3 more for health careand higher deductables, more in taxes (state and fed) and you guys are still NOT CUTTING STAFF enough staff or benefits!! We need to know our government FED and STATE see what is going on in the real world. EVERYONE is paying more for medical coverage, everyone is working longer hours, everyone has lost 1/2 their retirement, everyone is cutting back on spending and charging LESS for their products and therefore earning much LESS!! Government workers haven’t taken a cut in pay, a cut in benefits, don’t have to pay more in deductables and they have a fully funded retirement!!!
    DO YOU WONDER WHY MOST PRIVATE (NON GOVERNMENT WORKERS) ARE ANGRY..actually it’s gone beyond angry…it’s actually pitting government workers -getting their 5% increase in pay, their cars, their cell phones, their full med benefits-no deductible, their fully funded retirenment, no working longer hours- against the private sector who’s paying for it ALL!..This is causing enormous problems.. No matter how much you rob peter to pay paul ..YOU STILL NEED TO CUT MORE JOBS AND SERVICES!

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