Rep Tony Hwang to Host Job Skills Forum:

State Representative Tony Hwang (134th Fairfield-Trumbull) will host a timely job skills forum to help those who have been displaced in the current economy or help people who are looking to strengthen their skills, to successfully adapt in a challenging marketplace.

The forum, titled “Perfecting Skills in a Changing Job Market” will be held on Monday evening, May 24th, 2010 from 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM at Fairfield Main Library’s Memorial Room in Fairfield (1080 Old Post Road).

The economic downturn dramatically impacted U.S. workers. In just over two years, the U.S. economy shed jobs at an alarming rate, pushing the measurable jobless rate from 5% to 9.9%, according to the Labor Department. As of April of 2010, the number of persons unemployed nationwide due to job loss stood at 15.3 million. Most of this decline occurred among permanent job losers. The number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks and over) continued to trend up in April, reaching 6.7 million. As of March, 2010, unemployment in Connecticut stood at 9.2%

“Today’s fast changing world economy has created a ‘new normal’ in the job market,” said Representative Hwang. “In past recessions, jobs that were eliminated came back. That isn’t necessarily the case with this current recession. In this economy, some jobs are going the way of typewriter repairmen and milk delivery person; gone forever. Many of the jobs created by the booms in the housing and credit markets, for example, have likely been permanently erased by the subsequent bust.”

Rep. Hwang believes that our current job market has experienced a dramatic paradigm shift and to be competitive in the new economy that emerged, job seekers will need to acquire new skills and take a fresh approach to success. Our innovative job skills event with its’ assembled experts will help the un-employed, under-employed and currently employed to refocus their approach and find success in the new marketplace.

Rep. Hwang has invited an impressive panel of job market experts, each of whom has volunteered their time to share their unique perspective and experience with forum attendees and provide a question and answer session after the presentation.

Joseph Carbone – President of The WorkPlace, Inc., an organization that helps people prepare for careers and strengthens the workforce for employers. Mr. Carbone will discuss how job skill and personality assessments will help job seekers to best determine their best chance for career success, and in specific cases, a major change in career paths and industries may be necessary.

Chris Russell – Founder of, the top local job site on the Internet for companies seeking to recruit in Fairfield County. Mr. Russell will discuss and explain the various Internet social media options such as Facebook® and LinkIn® and offer strategies on how to maximize their potential for job and skills networking.

Beth Carter – Founder of Carter Consultants Ltd., which provides executive recruiting and life coaching services. Ms. Carter will share her experience as an executive recruiter for the past 18 years and offer insight into what employers and look for and want in prospective job candidates. Topics include resume building, phone interview skills and getting the interview appointment.

Dorothy Timmerman – Executive Director, Fairfield Counseling Center, Inc., a non-profit state licensed mental health clinic. Ms. Timmerman will speak openly about the emotional challenges of job loss, impacting areas of self esteem, frustration, financial distress and family dynamics. Her presentation will assure job seekers that most emotional stresses are normal and experienced by many of their peers, and resources and counselor are available to help.

“This is a first-rate panel of experts who volunteered for the benefit of the public good and I hope any local residents who are looking for new careers or impacted by job loss will come by and avail themselves of this unique opportunity, we are all here to help and enable people to succeed in their career,” said Hwang.


  1. I want to thank you again for hosting the Perfecting Job Skills forum. I learned a great deal from the impressive panel you put together. I could sense your genuine concern and commitment to helping the people in the room which made a big impact on me.

    I enjoyed meeting you and I really loved your enthusiasm! Keep up the good work!

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