Sawyer says, “Get Emergency Alerts on Your Cell Phone, Email or Land Line”

Pam Sawyer and Bolton fireman Tom Galeota discuss equipment needs

Hartford- Representative Pam Sawyer (R- Bolton) is encouraging residents to sign up for the CT Alert Emergency Notification System. CT Alert ENS allows state and local officials to help protect lives and property by providing critical information to residents during emergencies, including dangerous situations.  

The system allows authorized users, such as state and local emergency personnel, to quickly send out an emergency alert to residents in any affected geographic area within the state. Depending on the emergency, the alert may be sent to an entire town, part of a town, a group of towns, or a large area of the state. 

“If there is a life-threatening emergency- the more time you have to react- the better chance you have of escaping unharmed,” Sawyer state. “Most people spend their day in close vicinity to a phone of some kind but not necessarily a TV or a radio. This system is the best way to provide the earliest alert to the most people.”

“The CT Alert ENS is a great state service but not nearly enough people are taking advantage of it,” said Sawyer. “I hope everyone takes a few minutes to sign up for the alert system. It’s an easy way to add a level of protection and give piece of mind.”

To sign-up for alerts or to learn more about the program you can visit

CT Alert ENS is managed by the State Departments of Public Safety and Emergency Management and Homeland Security and is available for use by state and local 911 Emergency Communications Centers, and some state agencies.

In addition to your “land-line” you can also add mobile phones, e-mail, text messaging and other instant messaging as a means of receiving alerts.

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