Alberts Joins Republicans in “Common Sense” Legislative Agenda

At a state budget form, Rep. Alberts outlined the “Common Sense” Republican legislative agenda revealed earlier that day during a joint House and Senate Republicans news conference at the capitol. The agenda focuses on cuts and consolidations and was based on the “Common Sense Commitment to Connecticut” platform state Republicans campaigned on this fall. The plan features seven principles including, ‘Spend No More Than You Make,” “Borrow Only What You can Afford To Pay Back,” and “Empower Local Governments to Make Local Decisions.” The legislative agenda calls for massive state government reorganization and downsizing, freezing state employee salaries and other across-the-board spending cuts to save Connecticut taxpayers billions over the next two years. Proposals included rolling back spending to previous levels to save as much as $1.6 billion, a 5 percent reduction in the state’s workforce for $250 million in cuts, and cutting state employee givebacks of nearly $1.75 billion for a total savings of over $3 billion in the budgetary biennium.

“The size of Connecticut state government is now an unaffordable burden for taxpayers and will especially fall hard on future generations. Our state debt obligations, pensions and health care benefits are suffocating Connecticut’s ability to provide expected services. Priorities and performance must be revaluated. This is no longer something we can just pass down the road. Today we offer our ‘Common Sense’ ideas of re-ordered priorities to deal with the state’s fiscal crisis that for too long has been ignored at the taxpayers’ expense,’’ Alberts said.

Follow this link to download the legislative agenda.

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