Betts and Welch Proposal Leads By Example

             Common sense is what Sen. Welch and myself promised to bring to the state legislature. Like you we all know that state government is projected to have a deficit
totaling more than $3.7 billion this year, and possibly for the next 2 years.

             We recognize that everyone will be asked to make some big sacrifices in order
to reduce this deficit. However, the questione we asked ourselves is: how can we ask others to make the necessary concessions if we as legislators have not done anything ourselves ?

             Common sense suggests that others will be more receptive to make sacrifices if we do the same. To meet that goal Jason and I proposed “new legislators” not be allowed to qualify for the current retirement benefits earned by legislators who have served more than 10 years. Foregoing these generous retirement benefits definitely shows we are committed to leading by example in making financial concessions, and provides
credibility to our request for others to help as well.

             The motivation for our proposal is to be a catalyst for the state government and unions to make financial sacrifices designed to help reduce the huge deficit. Common sense dictates that all of us need to make concessions, and our proposal provides legislators the chance to lead by example.


Whit Betts                                                                                                                                          78th District

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