Carter Participates in Biz Panel Discussion

HARTFORD — Explain to your friends, neighbors and customers exactly what it is that you do. That was the message today from Rep. Dan Carter, who participated in a panel discussion focused on the plight of employers in a state considered unfriendly to business. Carter was a panelist during “Business Day,” a Connecticut Business and Industry Association event that drew hundreds of business owners and employees to the Capitol.

Mandates the state legislature places upon businesses were the focus of Carter’s comments, which were well-received in the packed room inside the Legislative Office Building.

State mandates, such as the controversial paid sick leave proposal this legislative session, increase a company’s operating costs and, consequently, its ability to grow and hire more people.

Carter told crowd members that such mandates sometimes sound like good ideas to folks in their communities because those people often know just one side of the story.

“When you’re talking to customers, don’t be afraid to tell them where you stand,” Carter said. “Tell them about your business and what a proposal from the Capitol would actually do to your business.”

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