Thanks for Coming to the Town Hall Meeting

Rep. Betts discusses the state budget at a Town Hall Meeting in Bristol

Kudos to each of the 125+ people who showed up last night to the Town Hall Forum to talk with I and Sen. Jason Welch.

I was uplifted by the large crowd, and the number of questions asked. Although I could not answer all the questions I definitely left knowing your views pertaining to the state budget, and what you want me to fight for in Hartford.

Below is a brief summary of what I heard:

1) Do not raise taxes; you strongly oppose the tax proposals put forth by Gov. Malloy. You have no more money to give to state government.

2) The money that government collects and spends is money that comes from and belongs to you, the taxpayer.

3) State spending continues to grow despite the fact that our government is facing projected deficits of over $3 billion for the next two years. Where are the cuts in government spending ?

4) You liked our idea of seeking relief for the cities and schools regarding unfunded state mandates. This is an attractive alternative to raising taxes or cutting education programs.

5) You would like to have our democrat representatives to attend the next Town Hall Forum. I will work to schedule a Town Hall Forum sponsored by the entire Bristol delegation, and our goal is to have another meeting in April.

Our next Town Hall Forum will be on April 19th at Plymouth Town Hall at 7pm. If you could not make our meeting yesterday I encourage you to attend on the 19th.

Sincerely –

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