Coventry Students Visit State Capitol for Tech Expo

Capt. Nathan Hale students Bram Kyer, Katie Sabin and Emma Gould along with Representative Ackert at the 2011 CECA Tech Expo

Students from Capt. Nathan Hale Middle School in Coventry visited the State Capitol on Wednesday to participate in the Connecticut Educator’s Computer Assocciation’s (CECA) 17th annual technology exposition.

The students were showcasing their project titled the Nutmeg Book Enrichment Project. Working in triads, eighth graders selected and read the various 2010 Nutmeg books. Each group was responsible for writing and recording a digital book  review, designing an illustration to accompany the review, and composing an original music score to reflect the mood set forth in the novel. Next, using iMovie, GarageBand, and Flip Video, students constructed their digital book reviews to be shared with small groups of students during the school year to assist them in selecting their summer reading book.

State Representative Tim Ackert (R- Coventry) checked in with the students to see their project first hand. “I am really impressed with the work these students did,” Ackert said after getting an explanation of the project. “This took a lot of creativity and ability to manipulate technology. They should all be very proud of themselves.”

Rep. Ackert and Captain Nathan Hale Middle School student Emma Gould discuss a project showcased at the 2011 CECA Tech Expo

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