Betts: Legislation Will Benefit Vo-Tech Schools, Manufacturing Companies

Hartford– Today the State House of Representatives passed legislation that seeks to help the state’s vocational-technical schools by encouraging equipment donations from individuals and companies.

This bill allows the education commissioner to indemnify those who donate certain tangible personal property to the State Department of Education or the regional vocational-technical schools for instructional purposes. The donated property must have a fair market value of more than $ 1,000.

State Representative Whit Betts says he hopes the passage of the bill will help to improve the educational experience students have at Connecticut’s vo-tech schools. “We have some tremendous vo-tech schools in Connecticut,” said Betts, “but we can always make them better.”

Betts said the Bristol Technical Education Center, which has a strong working relationship with nearby manufacturing companies, will be a direct beneficiary of the legislation. “The manufacturing companies in Bristol, Plymouth and Terryville will be able to donate expensive equipment that is no longer used to our vo-tech school system. That will give students the opportunity to learn how to use the equipment first-hand, improve their technical training, and put them in a much better position when they are seeking jobs after they graduate. It’s a win for the manufacturing companies, for the vo-tech schools and for the students.”

The bill covers donations by individuals, sole proprietorships, trusts, corporations, limited liability companies, unions, associations, firms, partnerships, committees, clubs, and other organizations or groups. Indemnification covers only damage claims arising from the property’s use. It does not extend to any liability for a donor’s deliberate misconduct.

The bill passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 141-0 and will soon head to the Senate where it is expected to pass with little to no opposition.

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