Betts: Let’s Protect our Neighborhood Pharmacies

During this year’s legislative session- many businesses found themselves scrambling to remain open facing mounting taxes, regulations and mandates from the state. One group of businesses, independent pharmacies, are facing additional hardships from the state government that might just put them out of business for good.

One component of the Governor’s deal with union leadership will force state employees to order their prescriptions through the mail. That means all 55,000 state employees, their spouses and children will no longer go to their local pharmacy to fill prescriptions. This component of the deal could force our pharmacies to close their doors and cost our state even more precious jobs.

Despite the proliferation of large chains like CVS and Walgreens and the seemingly constant threats from the legislature our neighborhood pharmacies have survived by providing excellent personal service with a personal feel. It would be a shame if these pharmacies are now forced to close their doors due to a “concession package” agreed to by the Governor and union leaders that is full of gimmicks and unidentified savings.

The Governor refused to cut spending in his budget (spending increases by a $1 billion over two years) and failed to reach a legitimate concession package with the unions. Assuming $180 million in savings from a “suggestion box” or 205 million from requiring employees to be healthier are neither concessions, nor realistic. It is because of those gimmicks and the lack of real concessions that the Governor included various other components that will hurt our neighborhood businesses.

Let the Governor know the closing of pharmacies and the loss of jobs will affect everyone in Bristol, Plymouth and Terryville.

Governor Dannel P. Malloy- (800) 406-1527

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