Ackert Addresses ECSU Graduates


Ackert addresses the ECSU Class of 2011 at the Commencement ceremony

 Below are Representative Ackert’s remarks to Eastern Connecticut State University’s Class of 2011 

President Nunez, Trustees, Esteem guests, faculty, staff, friends, families and most importantly today’s graduates. I am honored to be here and share this celebration of your successful journey, one that may have tested your fortitude, your patience, your resolve and your mind, a journey that most likely included support from others.
This support may have come from a classmate, a friend, an educator, a counselor and a family member. Support could have come in many types from your roommate waking you up so you don’t miss your class, a professor making extra time for you, your counselor guiding you through the education process or a loved one supporting you while reached for your dreams.
While today is your day to receive congratulations let is also be the day you provided the thanks to those who helped you succeed.

In closing I would like to ask you the graduates of 2011, some of our best and brightest to stay here in Connecticut. Bring your knowledge and work ethic and make our businesses become more productive, the new educators help our students become smarter, the new designers and artists make the world even brighter and all graduates help make your communities stronger.

Graduates of 2011 I congratulate you on this journey and to future successes.

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