Betts Fights Job Killing Paid Sick Leave

HARTFORD – Last week House Republicans waged a pitched battle over the groundbreaking Democratic bill to force employers to offer mandatory paid sick leave, a first-in-the-nation effort  that will stunt job growth and cost businesses millions.

“Connecticut’s unemployment rate is hovering above 9% and we have seen business after business leave the state,” said State Represntative Whit Betts (R- Bristol). “Our economy is struggling and in dire need of a boost- yet, we pass this bill that further threatens business and risks more jobs. It doesn’t make any sense. We should be going the other direction and relieving some mandates and regulations that are hampering business growth in Connecticut.”

Businesses have complained bitterly about the mandatory sick leave policy and owners said they would take steps, such as downsizing or making employees part-time, to try and avoid the regulations. Cafero said the legislation is arbitrary and provides no incentives for companies to expand. The law would apply to companies having 50 or more workers.

Betts said he met with many companies and not a single one said this was a good idea for Connecticut.

“We like to pass this feel good legislation in the name of the employee but what’s more pro-employee than ensuring there are jobs available?” asked Betts. “The paid sick leave mandate is going to cost our businesses money and that translates to layoffs, closings and relocations out of state.”

This bill would levy $500 fines per incident if workers are deprived of a sick day and paves the way for nuisance lawsuits adding more costs to employers to defend.

Republicans said that this legislation is just another gift to organized unions who have hijacked the political agenda in Hartford aided by a very willing Democratic majority and the governor’s office.

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