Jobs Plan for Connecticut

HARTFORD – Rep. Themis Klarides joined House and Senate Republican lawmakers today in the release of their plans to grow jobs [PDF] through targeted tax incentives, regulatory reform and workforce development initiatives.

Republicans shared a series of legislative proposals with Democrats and the Malloy administration last week and stand prepared to work with Democrats to draft bipartisan legislation for the October 26th special session on jobs.

“This ‘menu’ of ideas is offered in the spirit of cooperation and after much hard work on these issues. While we would have preferred that there had been greater attention to the underlying factors that led to Connecticut’s lingering 9 percent unemployment rate prior to now, we look forward to participating in the process,’’ House Republican Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr., of Norwalk said. “In the spirit of bipartisanship and an effort to make this jobs session meaningful and productive, we will not be re-arguing the budget at this time. We are committed to finding common ground that will benefit Connecticut workers and businesses. ’’

Senate Republican Leader John McKinney of Fairfield said, “Most of our proposals are the result of meetings we’ve had with Connecticut employers, the people they employ, and even some of the people they have had to layoff. On my August and September jobs tour alone, I have met with nearly 50 Connecticut employers whose input was invaluable in helping us craft this proposal.”

Cafero said, “We will continue to fine tune these ideas and believe much of what we hope to accomplish can be done largely within existing resources and by recasting spending priorities.

McKinney added, “We are pleased with the process so far and with the fact that several of the ideas put forth by Republicans have been met with bipartisan support. Republican leaders look forward to continued cooperation with the Governors office and Democratic legislators throughout the process of drafting legislation for the October 26th session.”

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