Giuliano, Republicans Host Small Business “Jobs” Forum

Forum Explores Solutions to Job Creation and Job Retention in Connecticut

State Representative Marilyn Giuliano, who represents Lyme, Old Lyme, Old Saybrook and Westbrook in the General Assembly, joined representatives from more than 50 Connecticut small businesses today in a forum hosted by legislative Republicans in anticipation of the Oct. 26th “Jobs” special session called by Governor Dannel P. Malloy to hear straight from small businesses what their state government can do in order to help them grow.
“When making economic policies in our state, state leaders hear from researchers, economists, and many expert advisors on how to create jobs in Connecticut, which are all important; however we often don’t hear from those in the trenches everyday with real-world experience like these small business leaders. They should be an integral part of our policy making. When times are good for these small companies, the state economy prospers. When the economy goes sour, they are the first to feel it. I believe we need to hear from those who understand job creation best – those on the front lines – our Connecticut small businesses,” said Giuliano.
The Connecticut unemployment rate continues to linger around a stubborn 9 percent. The forum sought to explore solutions to Connecticut’s stagnant employment numbers. Giuliano noted that many of the ideas shared were rooted in a philosophy that government needed to step down a bit and become a partner, rather than an inhibitor, to private sector job creators.
Attendees cited high energy prices, fees, increasingly higher taxes, confusing state regulations and a lack of cooperation with government agencies as obstacles to growth at the forum. Nearly every business owner or company representative shared bad experiences in trying to navigate endless, cumbersome and costly state regulations spread across many uncooperative state agencies.
“Many family businesses in Connecticut have been passed on for generations and they take great pride in what they do as traditions of old. Others had to save for years and work hard to pursue their American Dream of being their own boss and doing what they love, whether that be as a florist or a farmer. To me, state government shouldn’t stand in the way of dreams,” said Giuliano.
Legislative leaders from both parties along with the Governor’s office have been working together to formulate bi-partisan legislative solutions to be presented in the special “Jobs” session later this month.
“I’m looking forward to the upcoming session. I’ve been encouraged by the response we’ve seen from both sides of the aisle and both the legislative and executive branches of government. We certainly won’t solve everything in one day of session, but I’m hopeful it will at least be a first step in the right direction and send a message that Connecticut is open for business,” said Giuliano.
If you have ideas you would like State Representative Marilyn Giuliano to hear prior to the special session, contact her office at 1-800-842-1423 or email her at

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