Rep. Giegler attends education reform forum

Rep. Giegler confers with Rep. Carter as they listen to the great education reform ideas offered by attendeees.

Rep. Giegler was on hand at Broadview Middle School on Monday night to take part in the No Child Left Behind reform forum in Danbury. The roundtable-style event facilitated an open discussion among attendees about identifying and correcting the flaws of current federal education legislation. The audience included teachers, parents, school administrators and education advocacy groups.

Some of the topics covered at the forum were alternative benchmarks for assessing student achievement, whether or not states should determine their own educational standards and the best way to ensure that there is a highly qualified teacher in every classroom.

Rep. Giegler listened intently as community members shared their thoughts and ideas on how exactly the federal legislation should be reformed. Participants were eager to tell their personal stories and experiences about how No Child Left Behind has negatively impacted their ability to educate young people.

The event was hosted by Linda Forman, an education policy adviser to Congressman Chris Murphy.

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