Perillo, Miller and Kelly lead discussion with Shelton Educators

SHELTON- State Reps. Perillo, Miller and Sen. Kelly were pleased to be joined by over 30 educational leaders for an open forum on Monday night at the Shelton Town Hall. The discussion was focused around SB 24, the Governor’s Education Bill, which proposes sweeping reform across many aspects of Connecticut’s education system.

Attendees included teachers, Board of Education members, parents, and school administrators who all weighed in on the proposal. The dialogue featured such topics as teacher tenure and performance evaluations, advanced degree requirements, per-pupil-spending, student performance, and charter schools. Overall, attendees expressed apprehension about the vast majority of initiatives included in the bill but expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to be heard.

“The reform bill is a vast document with very vague language that has wide spread implications. It was good to hear the concerns from the people who will be the most affected by this bill,” said Perillo. “This was a meaningful discussion from which the Governor would have benefitted before he proposed the legislation.

Miller said, “Before we vote on any education reform, legislators need to know what works and what doesn’t for Shelton. Something that might work for Bridgeport might not work in Shelton.”

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