Republicans Shut out of Education Reform Talks- Cafero Says Snub is Missed Opportunity

Hartford – Calling it a regrettable, missed opportunity, House Republican Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr today criticized Democrats for shutting them out of closed door negotiations with teachers’ unions to work put back room deals on education reform.

“We had hoped to build off the bipartisan success of the jobs special session last October when Democrats and Republicans worked together to pass legislation to benefit Connecticut workers. That was clearly the blue print for legislative success and what Connecticut needs,” Cafero said. “Unfortunately, the Democrats and the largest state teachers’ unions decided to exclude Republicans in these education reform talks. It’s regrettable, and a shame. Education should not be a Democrat or Republican issue. Learning in the classroom is about our children and their future.”

Cafero said that Republicans are prepared to offer their own ideas on the sweeping education reform agenda that Malloy put on the table in February. Republicans have been in discussions with the Connecticut Education Association and Democratic lawmakers for weeks on various proposals. Just today they learned that Democrats were huddling privately with the CEA and the Malloy administration on crafting legislation that could be voted upon as early as Monday.

“No one has seen any language and we have heard from Democratic rank and file members and others that they have no idea what is in the bill. If the governor and the Democrats have any interest in doing what is in the best interests of of Connecticut families, they ought to extend us the opportunity to be heard,” Cafero said.

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