Reps. Labriola and Rebimbas to Host Small Business Workshop

State Representatives Rebimbas (R-70) and Labriola (R-131), together with the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) and Senators Crisco and Hartley, will continue their work to encourage economic development and job creation throughout the Borough of Naugatuck by hosting an informative small business workshop. The purpose of the workshop is to guide residents on how the State can help them to create jobs and expand their operation.

On Thursday, April 12 from 8:30am – 10:00am representatives from the DECD will give a presentation and be available to speak one-on-one with business owners and prospective entrepreneurs about the opportunities available to help their business succeed. The focus of the event will be on the Small Business Express program that was part of the bipartisan jobs bill passed last year by the legislature. The program provides loans and grants to Connecticut’s small businesses to help spur job creation and growth among Connecticut’s small businesses. The event will take place at the Naugatuck Historical Society.

Reps. Rebimbas and Labriola, who supported the jobs package last year, said they wanted to host a workshop in their district because they found that many business owners are not aware of the opportunities provided by the Small Business Express program.

“I am very proud of the Small Business Express program that we passed last year with overwhelming bipartisan support. Our State is in desperate need of economic revitalization and it is our small businesses that will put folks back to work. This DECD workshop aims to facilitate job creation by making business owners aware of the help available to help them. There is little value to these programs if the business community and entrepreneurs are not aware of them.” Rep. Rebimbas said.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our State economy. I am pleased that this event increases awareness for the resources available to small business owners and entrepreneurs, who will in turn help create jobs within our community. The jobs bill was a step in the right direction, but now we must communicate to local business owners about the assistance it provides, so that we can get people back to work and allow businesses to boom again.” Rep. Labriola said.

The Naugatuck Historical Society is located at 195 Water Street, Naugatuck, Conn.

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