Rep. Giegler announces that CT approved lower electric rates

Connecticut’s electric costs are among the five highest in the country. These inflated costs put financial strain on the budgets of families and seniors.

However, I am pleased to announce good news about the future of electric rates in Connecticut.

The state Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) recently approved generation electric rate decreases to both UI (16.9%) and CL&P (12.6%) customers.

These rate decreases will result in savings for residential customers. The typical CL&P customer would save $90 next year and the typical UI customer would save $60 next year, if their usage remains the same.

Last year I supported major energy reform legislation (PA 11-80) which made it easier for companies to purchase power. The law provides more flexibility in our buying power and helps to get the best prices for electric customers.

Additionally, the price of natural gas has been lower due to the discovery of shale gas. This, along with last year’s legislation, contributed to the price reduction for CL&P and UI customers.

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