Rep. Giegler: veterans’ license symbol available soon

In January 2013 legislation will take effect requiring the State Department of Motor Vehicles to place an American Flag icon on the Connecticut driver’s license or identification card of any qualified veteran who asks for it.

Having a readily accessible means of identifying a veteran has a number of important benefits.  The identifying mark will demonstrate to stores who offer veteran discounts that the holder is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces and qualifies for the discount.

It will also act as a lifetime free pass to any state park, forest or state recreational facility to any resident who is a disabled wartime veteran.

Veterans who wish to obtain the identifying marker should submit to the State Department of Veterans’ Affairs a completed application and proof of honorable discharge such as a DD-214.  The DVA will verify the veteran’s status and notify the State Department of Motor Vehicles of the request. Documentation should be provided at least 30 days prior to visiting a DMV branch for the license.

The application for the veteran’s icon can be downloaded online at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs website by visiting and clicking the “Application for Veteran’s Flag” link.

There is no cost for the addition of the flag symbol to a veteran’s license or ID card at renewal time or when it is first issued.

Veterans can also request a flag symbol by mailing an application and additional documentation to the state Department of Veterans’ Affairs at:
287 WEST ST., ROCKY HILL, CT 06067

For more information on DMV services and office locations, please visit

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