Rep. Giegler joins bipartisan taskforce on gun violence, school safety

HARTFORD — State Rep. Janice R. Giegler (R-138) will join Democratic committee chairs and Republican ranking members on a bipartisan gun violence taskforce assembled Tuesday, bringing her expertise and background in mental health to the discussion focused on gun violence, school safety and mental health.

The task force will be comprised of three working groups which will focus on the three core issues of gun control, mental health and school safety.  Each caucus will appoint as many as four members to each of these groups. Rep. Giegler, as the Ranking Member on the General Assembly’s Public Safety and Security Committee, will serve on the gun control subcommittee of the newly-appointed taskforce.

“We need to make smart, well-thought out decisions, taking reasonable precautions to eliminate future risk preventing another harmful tragedy.” Rep. Giegler said Tuesday. “Mental health should play a large role in this taskforce’s discussions as gun violence cannot be our main focus. I believe we need to give it the common sense due diligence.”

The task force will conduct a review of current law and make recommendations on a range of potential legislation to prevent gun violence, enhance school security and ensure the availability of mental health services in Connecticut. It will provide recommendations to Senate and House leadership with the goal of producing a bipartisan emergency certified bill in late February.

The first full meeting of the task force will be held on Friday, January 18th at 1:30 PM.

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