Cafero Calls for State Police Disclosure on Newtown Shootings

HARTFORD – In the wake of news leaks by State Police on previously undisclosed details about the Newtown shootings, House Republican Leader Larry Cafero today called upon the department to brief lawmakers as they craft much anticipated legislation.

Cafero said that Col. Danny R. Stebbins has an obligation to provide the details that he presented to fellow law enforcement officials at a recent public safety conference New Orleans. Initial details wound up in press reports in New York papers.

“As legislative leaders who are working every day to come forth with legislation I believe the state police are now obligated to brief us, given that much of what was exchanged at the New Orleans conference wound up in the press,’’ Cafero said. “We don’t have the benefit of potentially critical information that was obtained somehow by the media.’’

Stebbins, according to a police spokesman, disclosed the details at the conference not intending to have it reported in the press. Someone at the conference, however, did relay the information to the Daily News.

“We are making decisions based on the best information we have in front of us,’’ Cafero said. “One of the major concerns that I believe many of us had from the outset was that we would be putting this legislation together without ever having seen the police report on what took place. That is a huge issue.’’

Cafero said that an interim report would be helpful, even if the State Police do not have the final version of events.

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