Shaban Supports Newtown First Responder Bill

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HARTFORD- On Wednesday, the Connecticut General Assembly passed legislation to create a special fund to help the first-responders, teachers and others who suffered psychological trauma responding to Sandy Hook attack. State Rep. John Shaban was among those who co-sponsored the special legislation.

“The fund will be created solely by private donations, and is designed to help those responders who cannot return to work, but are otherwise ineligible for workers’ compensation” said Shaban. Workers compensation does not reimburse lost wages and other expenses in the absence of a physical injury. Claims will be managed by the Office of Victim Services.

At least two Newtown police officers have been unable to work since Dec. 14, and others have missed time sporadically. The expectation is that the trauma from that day will be felt for many months. In all, almost 200 people were at the school or responded to the emergency in person.

Shaban noted that “the new fund reflects the generosity, compassion and appreciation of people throughout the State, and shows how Connecticut can come together as a community to help those who have sworn an oath to help us all.”

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